Here you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How did you choose the name The River?

While rescuing kittens from the mighty Mississippi, it dawned on us that The River should be the name of the church.

Now, why is it really called The River? 

Psalm 1:3 says, whoever is planted by the river will be like a tree whose leaves will never whither, he will bring forth his fruit in his season, and everything he does will prosper.

What about where Jesus says if any man is thirsty, he can come to him and drink and out of his belly show flow rivers of living water?

Yes that one too.

What about in Ezekiel 47:9 where it says that wherever the river flows it brings life. 

Yes that one too.  We must move along.

What can I expect the services to be like at The River. 

You can expect very real people just like you who love life, love each other, and love Jesus more than anything else on the planet.  We know God to be fun and exciting and powerful and wonderful and merciful and awesome, etc. and we love getting to know him better.  We believe in going through life’s ups and down together as a family and watching God bring us through every situation.

What do you believe at The River?

Rather than give you a long list of what we believe it best summed up by saying, we believe the Bible.  If it is in there, then we believe it, we teach it, and we live it.

Where are you located/when is your service?

We meet at the Prien Lake Mall Cinemark Theater at 548 W. Prien Lake Road in theater 12.  Service begins at 10:00 am sharp.  The big, comfy seats are an added bonus of meeting in a theater!

What do you have for my kids?

We’re glad you asked that.  We work hard to provide a safe and fun environment that your kids will not only love, but they will learn about God, too.  Although initially they might be a little dismayed that church does not include a full screening of a movie and popcorn, they will still enjoy themselves. Kids In Christ is an exciting place where biblical truths are taught to children in a creative way.  Check out our Kids In Christ Children’s Ministry page for more details.


What if I have questions that are not on this list?

You can email us, facebook us, phone us , or call our Karate instructor.

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